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Thread: new member rx4 coupe

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    new member rx4 coupe

    hi all
    i,m in nsw aust . liked the variety on the site so
    thought i,d join up and check it out.

    have a stock rx4 coupe that will stay that way while in my hands
    got it off an 82 year old lady that had it for 32 years.

    auto, air-cond 13b full reaps system still on it. couple of marks here and
    there but in good original condition.

    put pics up when i get a couple of posts up.

    this is my third rotor rx4 sedan / s4 rx7 / rx4 coupe
    have been only 2 years without one since 1990.


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    Hey welcome. RX-4's wow. Nice. Must be in good condition from the previous owner.

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    Ooh, can't wait to see pics. Welcome to JNC

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