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Thread: RX-7 Gas tank difference

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    RX-7 Gas tank difference


    Anyone who can tell me the physical difference between a tank from a rx-7 12a 1984 and a 1983 model? :?

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    mounting and everything should be the same.... Maybe the '84 tank is out of an SE?

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    The only differences I know of are with the 79-80,and 81-85 which are different because the 79-80 used a larger spare tire well for the full sized spare as opposed to the space saver spare on the later cars. Also in 84-85 here in North America we had the GSL-SE which used a fuel injected engine,and therefore had larger pick up tubes for the increased fuel volume. I know there is a difference in the 81-83 compared to the 84-85 as when I was selling my mint two year old 83 tank I was told it wouldn't fit the 84-85 cars but I don't remember why. Maybe had to do with the pick up tubes as one had them all as part of the section that housed the level sending unit,and the other had them separate.

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