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Thread: wiring help (hakosuka)

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    wiring help (hakosuka)

    ok, well over the last few weeks i have been slowly putting my hakosuka back together. i suspect the previous owner was drag racing it and had stripped everything out of the car. well as i'm putting it all back together im finding that stuff on the center console was disconnected and now i cant seem to find the wiring for it. now keep in mind that i haven't been able to strip the dash to do a lot of searching, so maybe somethings just tucked away and i cant find it, BUT i have a question about power windows....
    the window control switch goes right in front of the arm rest on the center console right? thats the only place that i can find that looks the right size, BUT my harness is UBER short, and will only reach to say the front of the shifter boot. is there some kind of extension harness that im missing??
    also i cant find anything that controls the wipers, but theres a mess of exposed wiring, thats just kinda there and not going to anything. anyone know what the wire colors are for the wipers??
    i will try to get out there and take some pics if this sounds confusing..
    any help would be great, thanks!

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    Ya, window switches are in that square plasti-wood panel in front of the console bin.

    I can't remember if the loom for the wipers had an extra plug for the window switches or not. Then again mine's a GT, so I got manual windows.
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    i think my window motors are shot, wonder what cars have compatable motors to swap in...

    'its so weird that my window switches wont reach their mounting locations. i will have to make a 6inch jumper harness to mount them.
    bought the stuff to start soldering them together tonight, hope it works out..

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