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Thread: g-nose difference from oem and aftermarket

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    g-nose difference from oem and aftermarket

    is this true? there is a difference between the original oem and aftermarket g-nose including the shape? i'm planning to purchase a g-nose kit for my 240z but when i read this topic http://blog.livedoor...9.html#comments i'm confused. ive done some research and some say yes ther's a difference. if so what are the difference of the oem and aftermarket. thanks

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    The link doesn't work.
    Well the OEM is super hard to obtain + the price would be extremely high.
    It depend on who you buy after market gnose with.
    Try NOT to get the 1 piece gnose. OEM g-nose come in pieces.

    Akira made one (5 pieces)

    How ever you need 6 more pieces for 2 hood hinges + 2 bumper brackets + 2 light covers

    The one on eBay is 1 piece I believe

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