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Thread: Hey guys...

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    Hey guys...

    New to JNC but I have been a datsun guy for years. I love about anything old and imported.

    First car was an early 74 260z(basically a 73 240z stroker) with all kinds of go fast goodies that were put on it. It was LOUD and handled awesome with the coilovers/illuminas.

    The Girlfriend's car that we just got at the beginning of this summer is a 1984 Nissan Maxima with some subtle modifications...
    stock L28ET @8psi, 280zx suspension with ground control coilovers and illuminas, big sway bars, 86 200sx wheels, rustoleum paint job that I put on it with some custom mixed green paint, freshly rebuilt FS5W71B transmission that I did, etc....

    Now I have an 81 Nissan 210 coupe that I'm going to build up for rally/ offroad exploring, weekend fun, etc...
    Driveline is going to stay stock as I modify the suspension, then put in my little pet project driveline using an LZ22ET and some other stuff...

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    The 81 210's are my favorite of the 210's. Welcome by the way. If I'm not mistaken your front grill is the only year the B210's had the full name "DATSUN" on the grill rather than the "D". Keep us up to date with your build and any progress you make on it. I'm not a 210 owner but there's a few 210 guys on here, and I've been eyeballing one of my own but got my hands tied with my 510.


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    Welcome to JNC

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