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Thread: Interior console storage/door options?

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    Interior console storage/door options?

    Hi all! Well, I'm trying to see if anyone knows of any custom storage/door options that I can use. My center console has an area already cutout from a previous install of a tape deck player/recorder. Since I do not want to cut anymore of the existing interior, I'm trying to explore my options. I intend to use the area for gauges I need to monitor the SR engine, ie. boost pressure and water temp (since the existing water temp gauge doesn't utilize the same signal). I have not decided yet on actual gauges or the Blitz SBC i-color (boost controller/gauge w/water temp monitoring added)
    However, I want to have a door (either flip open or slide open) that fits the vehicle/age to hide the gauges or electronic unit.
    To add to the difficulty, the cutout area is not a standard size. It's about 5.7"x4".
    Does anyone have any ideas that might work to keep the look of the vehicle?
    Here's a pic of the area, right in front of the shifter, below the vent openings.

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    For 2 of my cars, i will do a facia panel of the original radio (ie just the very front of it). This slides or is magnetic and goes over the "hole" (in my case a newer stereo).
    I've seen it done in quite a few cars, so it hides the non std stuff when you park or show it.
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