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Thread: Toyota Factory Option Enkeis? (KE30 corolla)

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    Toyota Factory Option Enkeis? (KE30 corolla)

    a friend of mine bought a very mint KE30 off an old man, and they have some 5 spoke enkeis on them that i haven't seen before.

    now after searching the internet, the only thing i can find that's similar are some enkei wheels that were and optional extra on KE30s.

    can anyone confirm/deny/tell me what these are?
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    wheels in question -

    and his (very nice!) KE30!

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    I find it very hard to believe they would have had an optional 14" wheel for such a small car. 60-series tires for 14" wheels were not really around back then. They didn't really come into vogue until the early 80s.

    So my guess is "not originally equipped" with these wheels. :wink:

    First 14" wheel on a Corolla was '85 as I recall. :tu:

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    ^ what he said. Highly dubious. They do look great though!

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    Again there is no way they would have been a factory option back then. The trend to bigger and wider wheels on smaller cars only really started to happen in the mid 80's. I'm thinking AE86's here, which in some markets came out with 14 x 6 inch wheels, such as the Intra alloys.

    Definitely not in the KE30 era. Another clue are the fender mirrors. No KE30 would ever have been available with fender mirrors in Australia. They had long since been legislated out of existence. And the car has clearly been lowered.

    Therefore i would say there is little doubt the car has been modified. "Old guys" were younger guys once. And when you say "old", please tell me you don't mean in his mid to late 40's........

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    yep the center cap was just popped on there and most of those old center caps fit the enkeis. but still it doesnt look bad at all

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