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Thread: Hi from Australia

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    Hi from Australia

    Hey guys,
    came across the site from sigma-galant
    Looks like there a few good bit around this site.

    I've got an:
    '83 GJ sigma wagon (4G54 + 5 spd) - Daily
    '82 GK Scorpion (heavily worked 4G54 + 5 spd) - Tarmac sprint/motorkhana
    '82 GK Scorpion (4G54 + 5 spd) - Eventual body replacement.

    Hoping to do a fair bit of work building up the scorpion over the next few year. The wagon is gettign a 3.8L commodore engine (i'd prefer to keep in the family, but the $$ and availablity drove this decision)

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    Welcome to JNC! Pics is the Mitsu Garage please!

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