WHAT: Help a fellow Datsun 510 guy out with removing and replacing a KA24DE
WHEN: Saturday 8/14/10 morning
WHERE: San Jose near Eastridge Mall

Hey fellow Dimers, I'm posting this to hopefully find some of you local guys willing to lend a hand in swapping out my busted KA24DE (broken timing chain) with a replacement KA24DE. My 510's was running great, up until 7 months ago...long story short, it's time to replace it with another KA24DE.

I'm reaching out to other Datsun guys to see if you can help out so we can get this swap done. Since I'm doing the swap at a friends place who himself has a few projects going on I don't want to inconvinence him more than I have to by this turning into a long project so we're shooting for a one day swap if everything goes smoothly (crossing fingers).

Our plan in to get to work tomorrow morning. Looks like we have all the tools we need just the more hands the better (and quicker) we can get this done. I'd definately appreciate any help in this guys.

Call or text me if you can make it out to San Jose and I'll give you the address of my buddy's place.

My cell number is: Eight Three One - Four One Nine -Five Zero One Zero