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Thread: Repin the oldschool in socal!!!!

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    Repin the oldschool in socal!!!!

    Hello JNCC Ive always wanted to become a part of this family and now that i have my 100% complete & original 69 corona hardtop now i can officially say that i am....... I live in the inland empire in southern california and im 23 years old.. IM a USMC reservist and also a Veteran of operation Iraqi freedom 2009.. i've been a mechanic since i was 14 yrs old and i havent stopped. I'm even a mechanic for the M1A1 ABRAMS main battle tank for the last 3 years... I've always wanted to start a classic japanese project car but didnt know what i wanted to do but when i saw this one i knew it had potential... i have many plans for this car and cant wait to start... oh did i mention i purchase the car off a retired police officer in hemet cali for $1500.. It started right up and made the 40 mile journey back home with no problems... Anyways thats my story hope you enjoy it.

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    Wow, she's a real beaut. I love the two-tone paint scheme. Welcome to the family!

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    :shock: Truly a rare find. Welcome. :tu:

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    that car is way cool :tu:

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