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Thread: New MX32 owner from Portland/Vancouver

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    New MX32 owner from Portland/Vancouver

    Hey all, just picked up a very clean '78 Cressida. I'm looking to do some things to it but want to read up and get to know my new aquisition first.

    the story goes the first owner had it most its life, traded it in at a dealership, the dealer later gave it to a friend who i bought it from. she drove it for 4 months and then garaged it for 5 years before i bought it.

    First things first its going to get a full fluids flush along with a gas tank flush. It might also need brakes, but havent been able to check em out yet. Any tips will be gobbled up. :lol:

    i was going to post pictures but it said i had to have 2 posts . . . *shrugs*

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    You might wanna clean up the gas tank before all that varnished fuel gums up your lines. Other than that, enjoy!

    The 2-post rule is to block spammers. Post pics and further questions in the Toyota Garage. Welcome to JNC!

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