hey! figured id post here coz im a newbie, but i already have stuff in the toyota garage, i am 16 and from australia near a city called newcastle, as a first car and a new learning experience, fixing the beast. it a beautiful 1971 model toyota hiace [i dont think their available in america though] great car, picked it up for $400 australian, around 360 american or 276 euro.
it had rego the month before i bought it, with a stock 12r engine, my current goal is to have it registered by march next year for my birthday, back, and quieter, more efficient and more fun.
i think i want a holden red motor or a 22r motor for it, they seem to be relatively easy to fit.
i also aim for interior mods to make it into a nice weekend camper, im going to carpet the inside in black, and bolt a futon lounge bed to the floor, folding out when necessary, then the nice sound system, subs, 6x9's tweeters ect. :mrgreen: