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Thread: Hello from Australia!

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    Hello from Australia!

    Hello from Aus! My names John and I have owned quite a few classic Jap cars over the years.

    Ive owned a hand full of R31 Nissan Skylines, my current R31 I have owned for 13 years now runs an Rb26dett.

    I have also had a Datsun B210 (120Y in Aus) rally/autocoss car and a couple of early 1970's Mitsubishi Galants.

    Loving the classic jap tin from all over the world on here, its great to see so many examples of these cars still around.


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    Hello G'day mate
    Welcome and enjoy your stay.

    Pics please!

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    Hi Devious Jet,

    Welcome to the site. Sounds like you've got a nice colection. A mate of mine used to also have a red R31 GTS with an RB26TT. You might of seen it in Zoom mag a few years ago. It went hard.

    What model Galants do you have? Have you checked

    Looking forward to seeing some pics of your collection when you get the chance( enough posts).


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    I know of your mates coupe, My car was in ZOOM also.

    I had a 1974 GC Galant coupe. It had original GS twin carbie setup, extractors, 5 speed, it even had air conditioning! I also had a 1976 GD wagon, 2.6, webber, 5 speed etc. But I cant find any pics on my computer. I was on Sigma Galant, and my sister has a Turbo GD wagon, I think she is still on SG also.

    Other jap cars i have had are an N13 Pulsar Q it had the Aussie delivered 1.8l sohc multi point EFI engine. It had the VLSD gearbox fitted, lowered, exhaust, N14 SSS wheels and some other little tweeks, it wasn't that quick but it revved hard and cornered brilliantly.

    I also ha a Datsun 120y (B210). I used it for Motorkahna, autocross etc. I fitted it with an A15, extractors and side pipe exhaust, 32/36 webber, late model stanza front end, locked rear end, hydraulic hand brake and stripped out interior. This thing was a heap of fun on the dirt!

    My First ever R31 I bought 13 years ago and I still have it to this day.

    It is an 1987 Aussie built sedan. It now has an Rb26dett under the bonnett.

    And some of the R31's I have owned over the years.

    This is a 1988 series 2 'Silhouette'. It was a 1 owner with only 120,000 kms and in all original condition, standard with RB30e, 4 spd auto and LSD.

    This on is a 1990 Series 3 sedan. Also a 1 owner car, it had about 160,000 kms on it, Rb30e, Manual, and was optioned from new with cruise control and LSD.

    This one was a 1989 series 3 GXE sedan. Factory Rb30e and auto. I converted it to manual, fitted an LSD, lowered it and fitted LPG. This one went really hard for a basically stock engine.

    In this pic is my recent daily driven Red R31 series 3 Silhouette, my white toy and my wifes R31 drift car.

    This is my wifes old drift car after getting involved in a smash while drifting, tearing wheel nuts off and loosing a wheel resulting in a badly twisted body....It was stripped and scrapped after this, and the green car was built.

    Here are some pics of my wife and her drift car.

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