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Thread: Hi from NZ, toyota fan

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    Hi from NZ, toyota fan

    Hi JNCers
    thought i had done this long ago but apparently not. maybe i've just been gawking too much :mrgreen:
    My name is Mark. I live just south of Auckland city, New Zealand.
    The last few years have been organising classic jap meets in Auckland. see link in my signature.

    a bit of history...
    my car enthusiasm started out in about 1996 when i was given a mitsi cordia 1.6 gsr turbo by my polytech bus driver. but turned out far too cancerous to save. bought another couple cordia gsr turbo's only to find same thing. :td: lost interest in them.
    Then got given a '72 civic 5speed by friend of a friend moving overseas. those bumble bee looking things. i just about died in it half hr later. 150kmh and warn balljoints don't mix. neither does over confidence on a restricted licence. live and learn.
    So after a while i researched alot for preferred car, and saved up then bought my first toyota in '98.. a '75 corolla ke25 sr coupe. fitted a 4age T50 and rt40 diff with big plans to come. never looked back. my appreciation of classic J-tin really cemented by this time.
    Had many cars including ma61 celica-supra P-type, kp62, te71 levin and te71 trueno, ke35 sr, ke25 delux, ke70 twinlight wagon, ae85 notch etc.
    Roll on a decade and i now have a '71 ke26 5k 5spd wagon, a '78 bugeye kp60 4door starlet, an '81 te71 trueno, an '83 ke70 sr coupe 3tgte w55 and 7.5" kaaz 2way, an '86 ae82 fxgt with ST 20v (daily) and lastly not so classic st185 gt4 celica.
    After the honda crash I got into drifting in 2002 with the ke70 coupe. entered D1NZ 2003-2005 until it got too expensive.
    Am a qualified Toolmaker in a plastics injection molding company mainly doing CAD/CAM work. I love the perks! but now do long hours to keep up with demand which means little time for cars.
    too many cars now means takes longer to get any finished and pay a fortune for shed/workshop rent. usual story?
    im a hoarder of (corolla) E2 and E7 parts, jdm engines and rims etc. also a wealth of knowledge on rwd toyota.
    um that'll do

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    Post some pics of those yotas in the Toyota Garage if you haven't done so already. Welcome to JNC, Mark!

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