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Thread: 81 Mazda 626 CB trouble removing the crankshaft pulley bolt

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    81 Mazda 626 CB trouble removing the crankshaft pulley bolt

    Hi, I am having a lot of trouble trying to remove the bolt that holds the crankshaft pulley onto the end of the crankshaft.
    No matter what I try, everytime I try to undo it the motor starts to turn.
    The motor is still in the car so I am trying to use the gearbox to hold the engine still as the head has been removed so there is no compression to hold it.
    it's the MA 2L motor.
    I will be really grateful if anyone can tell me how to get this stupid bolt out. LOL

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    Maybe you can disconnect the driveshaft at the center carrier (or rear axle) and use a spare, long length of metal. Drill 2 holes at one end of the metal and bolt it to the driveshaft. When you turn the crankshaft, the metal should brace against the ground to prevent the engine from turning. On my Toyota the crank pulley torque setting is over 200 Nm, so I had to extend my wrench with a 4 foot pipe and stand on it like Archimedes (engine was out of car).

    If the head was still on the car, you could lower a rope into the cylinder via the sparkplug hole on the compression stroke. Feed the rope into the cylinder so the piston cannot compress to keep the engine from turning. Just be sure the rope is long enough that you can still pull it out, lol.

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