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Thread: G'day from Melbourne Australia

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    G'day from Melbourne Australia

    Hi All

    Thought that it was just about time that I joined another forum........ - definately not to take anything away from this one but considering my wifes interest in JNC's and our growing Garage/Collection, I thought why not.

    Although it may seem as a little bit of a mystery to you all just at the moment of who I am, I am sure that as my introduction goes on that you will a) know who my wife is and b) who I am.

    With all this in mind I have had an interest in mainly Nissan/Datsuns for the past 16 years or so and currently have 5 & 1/2 cars in the JNC stable which consist of 2 x 1200 sedans, 1 x 320 Ute, 1x Prince, 1 x 1600 SP311 and another shell for parts (which constitutes the 1/2). For those who have been on the forum for a while you may now be getting the picture....

    On top of the cars above mentioned we also have 1979 Ford Falcon (V8 ), 2002 Ford XR8 Ute, 2006 Ford Falcon, 2008 XR4 Fiesta, 1970 Open channel speed boat and a Tow Truck. So you can see from this that we are definately a household of petrol heads!!!

    I know from reading other threads on the forum that some of you still cant believe that one of the moderators is a female with a passion for cars and mainly those from the Nissan/Datsun stable. Yes, I am married to Go Baby Go and it was actually her that got me involved with these cars and joining the NDSOC all them many years ago.

    Before anyone asks, yes it was me who rolled the 1200 last year at the Nissan/Datsun Nationals in Queensland, which should hopefully be rebuilt later in the year to be back on the track better than ever.

    Apart from having an avid interest in cars I am also interested in attending various motorsport events, memorabilia as well as collecting die-cast cars and various other types of models. My day to day job sees me coming in contact with cars all day long from the standard road car, to race cars, show cars and prestige type of cars as I run my own vehicle transport business in Melbourne. It would not be unusual for me to transport several cars a day including Ferrari, Lambo, Maseratis and the like.

    Sorry about the long winded (an maybe different) introduction but look forward to reading the forums and contributing when I can.


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    'Bout time husband.................................. :wink:
    A 320 ute, 2 roadsters, 2 1200's ...... & a Prince.

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    Oh no she is over 3,500kms away and can still find me... :lol:

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