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Thread: members living in japan

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    members living in japan

    i was wondering if anyone had delt with or was able to contact this company as they wont answer emails for outside japan
    a few gemini guy's in australia are intrested in their lsd for gemini's

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    There was a guy here offering his services as a go-between for gaijin and Japanese. I don't remember the name but maybe do a search. A group buy should make it easy for him.

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    Fire an email to Ewan ( )

    I get all my Japanese gubbins from him. He'll be able to sort you out, just tell him "Michael from" pointed you in his direction.

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    I agree. Ewan is the man to contact. I always get my Japanese parts through him. :tu: :tu:

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    This is not good news, so don’t shoot the messenger…

    Funny Factory pretty much flatly refused to export anything in the good old days when Isuzu was all they did. Four or five years ago, they pulled all the Isuzu parts off their website and had only aero parts for Supra and Z. It's surprising that they put pictures of their legacy parts back onto the website.
    While on a visit, I asked one group of friends if we could go by their shop, and the reply was "It isn't worth the time, because they don't have any Isuzus or Isuzu parts any more".
    I asked a different group of friends in the north, and they said the company had a very high reputation many years ago, but in recent years a lot of people were upset that it took a year or longer to receive parts from them after money changed hands.

    From what I have seen, none of the Isuzu specialty shops in Japan are stocking parts any more. Everything has gone to build-after-the-order-is-received, and most is modification of an OEM part, not new manufacture from scratch. Basically, the car or the part has to be delivered to the shop for modification, and it takes as long as it takes.

    The front wheel and four wheel drive guys in Japan who are looking for performance stuff have started importing what they need from North America. I think there’s even a guy in Aichi acting as an authorized importer for US racing parts. But the RWD I-Mark has almost no following in NA and there never was a lot available for those on the far side of the world.

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