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Thread: Adjusting valve backlash

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    Adjusting valve backlash

    Another Dumb question:

    I've never adjusted the valves so I have a question.

    On a '70 Datsun 2000 engine;

    Do I need to trim down (Make narrower) my feeler gages to fit in the notch in the cap that the rocker rides on? I think it would be about 1/4 inch wide.

    Any input would be helpful.


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    The intakes are .008 and the exhausts are .010. You can get them close cold, then warm it up and recheck. I think you need a 14mm open end for the adjuster and a 19mm for the lock nut.
    I start with the intakes, starting with #1 cyl (front of the engine) then go back and do the exhaust valves, again starting with #1.

    Hopefully you don't have something odd going on where you need larger lash pads that fit under the rocker arm on top of the valve. If your wipe pattern is off, that will cause the cam and rockers to degrade at a very fast rate. An "A" or "B" cam or even a slightly larger cam should be fine.

    Just make sure the valve is fully closed (cam lobe pointing up) and you should be good to go.


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