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Thread: i enjoy a nice pair of slacks

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    i enjoy a nice pair of slacks

    Hey my name is Nick, but everyone usually calls me by my last name, Leboe.
    I live in the beautiful Okanagan Valley (Vernon BC). I work in the summer doing summer grooming as a sawyer/slasher on Silverstar Mountain Resort, maintaining the ski runs.

    In the winter I ski (freestyle/freeski). I started last season competing in Freeskiing comps (Freeskiing World Tour: Revelstoke and Canadian Freeskiing Championships: Red Mountain)

    And when I'm not working or skiing, I'm browsing car forums and putting money into my 87' Corolla GTS.
    I've always been interested in old toyotas, I was raised toyota (my dad owned West Park Toyota in Quesnel BC).
    Since this is turning into a life story... I will stop lol.

    this is my rolla.

    (1.25" steel tube spacers... im going to make 1/2" ones soon)

    I will start a "build" thread tomorrow when I pick my car up from the shop, I've got a couple things installed over the weekend

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    It ain't shiny but it works! Welcome to JNC 8)

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