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Thread: Scary Scott, Nor-Cal Lover of the Corolla!

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    Scary Scott, Nor-Cal Lover of the Corolla!

    Hi there, I just wanted to say, HI.
    I'm Scary Scott, I live in a town called Oroville California and I drive a 78 Toyota Corolla and love it to peaces, I get laughed at for driving it sometimes, but every once in a while someone comments that its a great car, And it makes me laugh when my friends that make fun of my old car, has there new car break down and need me for a lift. :lol:
    ummm What else, I don't know, This isn't My first post, I didn't see this thread on the way in. so... HI!

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    Let's see some pics in the Toyota Garage! Welcome to JNC!

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