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Thread: '94 NA8C Roadster

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    '94 NA8C Roadster

    Hey guys,

    Not sure if my car is too new but I thought I'd show it and see what reception I would get. I currently have a 1994 1.8 MX5. I have owned the car two years now and it has seen a lot of changes.

    This is how it looked when I bought it,

    I have been very lucky and sourced quite a few rare JDM parts. Here is how my car currently looks,

    I still have a few parts to fit and at some point I will be getting the car up on axle stands and coating all the chassis components with POR 15. I want to try and get the car as clean as possible.

    I currently have these on the way to me from Japan as well,

    I love RS Watanabe's, I never thought I'd be able to find the exact set I wanted for a reasonable price.

    Anyway, there is my car. I hope it is not too new to be on this site, but there are some great cars on here so I thought I'd share my build so far

    My ultimate car is a Hakosuka Skyline, but for now I can keep dreaming.


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    I really like NA8 models, and I know that things rust on sight in the UK, so everyone things that anything over 4 years is retro, but yeah, thats a bit too new.

    Looks very close to how I would build one though!

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    Normally I have an aversion to British Racing Green but seeing as how you're British, it looks great!

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    Not sure if I'd call this "nostalgic" just yet, but it's a great looking NA.

    I've owned four and I loved them all.

    BRG Miata's are really pretty, IMO. The wheels are perfect.

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    looks good!

    i love mine!!

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