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Thread: My afternoon...

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    My afternoon...

    Learned how to mount tires using only hand tools, brute force, and a lot of patience!

    Picked up some Hoosier road race slicks in good shape for my favorite price (free!) and of course didn't want to ruin that by paying for mounting. :lol:

    Fast forward a few hot, sweaty hours in the Florida sun...

    :mrgreen: Looks pretty good. More of a learning experience than anything as the wheel wells of the MR2 pretty much eat these little meats. Man these baby's grip though, and the sound of the sticky compound flipping up road dirt into the wheel wells is unmatched.

    Just have to find out when my next local autocross is. 8)

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    haha you should have posted pics step by step!! the only method ive seen is using a wall/pole close to each other and a oem jack before..

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