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Thread: Hello from Melbourne Australia

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    Hello from Melbourne Australia

    My name is Brad from Melbourne Australia.

    Some friends and I have been following this site for a while now and we love it. Good to see so many people in love with old Japanese cars.

    Thought i should make myself known.

    I did my apprenticeship on Rotary engined cars and worked on them for 10 years. Owned too many Mazdas to count.

    I have an 73 RX3 Coupe, Earth Green with tan interior. 10A front.

    She has a 12A with a top mount TO4 turbo sucking on a 2 inch Jag SU carb and a 38mm wastegate.
    Series 4 gear box and 4.4 LSD. Coil overs in the front, RX7 series 2 front and rear brakes sitting under widened 13 X 6 stock rims with white walls.

    She is in an overhaul stage at the moment but back on the road soon with a few engine mods, Tea cup series 1 Savanna tail lights, Savanna rear bar and guard mirrors. Maybe 8 inch wide rears with heaps of dish.

    Love this car. Love driving it and love the looks and appreciation people give her when i do drive it.
    She seems to make other people happy seeing her out.
    Everyone smiles and gives you the thumbs up. Heaps of people want to talk to you at traffic lights. (even if the most asked question is, "What is that" usually followed by "thats soooooo cool").
    Little kids love it because she's bright green and look like a toy to them I suppose.

    Had her for 16 years. Will never sell her.


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    Melbourne, Australia
    Hello and welcome fellow Melbournite!

    I too would say that your car is COOOOL....
    and also give you many of these:
    :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu: :tu:

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    Must be somethin' about Melbourne..........................

    Welcome aboard!!!!
    A 320 ute, 2 roadsters, 2 1200's ...... & a Prince.

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    Earth Green, eh? That is a beautiful color! Welcome to JNC 8)

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