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Thread: 2010 Nostalgic car show pics

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    2010 Nostalgic car show pics

    here are some that I took at the show and the parking lot. Major drew vehicle = Cherry X1-R.

    Sunnys parked a few cars from where i was

    Cherry X1-R. AWSOME looking!

    This car is just mean looking.

    I am liking the yonmeri. GTR clone if there was one.

    I like the hako wagon too. too bad they did not have it in the L6.

    Some day I wish to see a proper TS Sunny in the US. You just dont see these that often and none are really fixed up...

    In some ways, the parking lot was a lot more fun. check this out.

    another look

    Woulld you have the balls to drive a Mazda Cosmo on the street?

    There are more pics but why bore you folks with the same ol skyline and Corolla Levins...

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    The white new backround pic :mrgreen:

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    Thanks for posting. Nice to see these cars in color. I expected the Cherry to be white for some reason. That blue kenmeri hardtop looks pretty sharp too.

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    By th eway awesome pictures.....Do you have another shot of that red Porsche 944 in the backgroud of the last pic? :tu:

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    Very nice pics, thanks for sharing

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    Wow those are some sweet cars, fell in love wit that TS sunny. Thanks for the pictures.

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