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Thread: My 1974 TE21 Corolla

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    My 1974 TE21 Corolla

    Hello everyone!

    Just this week I got a TE21 Corolla. (at least that's what I think it is...) I'll post some pictures below. I have always been a fan of old school imports, and I used to own a 72' Carina and a 1977 RA29 Celica GT Liftback.

    I've been looking around alot this week trying to find forums and information to help me restore and modify my new Corolla. It's 90% stock and in pretty good shape so I want to keep the mods mild and tasteful to maintain that mostly stock look.

    Things I need help from you guys are this:

    What can I do with the rear suspension? I don't like the idea of lowering blocks on the stock leaf springs as that's a recipie for a bone jarring ride and a good way to bottom out on speed bumps. Are there replacement leaf springs? The car is going to be my daily driver and sometimes autocrosser so I don't want to lower it by much or have the suspension racecar stiff. Just some stiffer springs and shocks, new sway bars and I'll be happy.

    Also, as you can see it has some pretty wide wheels on there, they rub pretty bad. I'm not totally opposed to rolling the fenders but only if I can find some good flares to bolt on. Anyone know of any for my bodystyle? I see lots on the SR-5 coupes but I think my "2 door sedan" will be diffrent, on the back wheels anyways.

    ALSO, does anyone know of a 2t-c header? I see one from Doug Thorley but the cheapest I could find it for was 370 US$. Seems like alot for the marginal gains I might get from it.

    Thanks all, and glad to be on the boards!


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    Nice and clean 21 :tu:

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