Hi, I'm the kid from Alice Springs, in the middle of Australia. Now i Live in brisbane whilst studying an arts degree. I love old cars, because I can fix them... and why would a young guy like me drive around in a 90's model lancer/or other teen crapbox when I can drive around in style!!?

I have owned two jap cars in my life - A 1975 toyota crown super saloon, affectionately known as the "supermango" because of its vintage mustard colour. what a smooth ride with aircon, power windows, power steering and a beautiful inline 6!

My second most recent purchase has been a 1978 MAZDA 929 wagon. Metallic brown (which sometimes kinda looks purple??? :? but thats the factory colour). Its a big jump down in terms of luxury, (as these two cars are daily drivers) but its a big jump up in "old car feel" without any luxuries. My plans are to put in a 5speed gearbox, (the fourspeed revs a bit high in highway travels, and I want this car for roadtrips up the coast) and maybe chuck in extractors and a high end carby. But i'll see what time and money allows!
If anyone has done anything similar i'd love to hear from you!