Hi guys,

I'm not exactly new, just never done an intro.

I'm from Adelaide, Australia. Been into oddball Japanese cars all my life, but owned very few (other than a stack of Honda Z360's for about a year). Have a long involvement with early Honda's, Prince's and Isuzu Bellett's in particular.

Currently on the lookout to buy a restored Toyota Corona 1600S, Toyota Corona Hardtop (RT50, RT51, RT55, RT56, RT72 Mark II), Toyota KE15/KE17 Sprinter, Hino Contessa, Prince Skyline (GT, GTA, GTB), Nissan CSP310 Silvia, Mazda 1000 Coupe, Mazda R100 or R130 (original), Datsun 240K Hardtop (early), Honda 1300 Coupe (7 or 9), Honda Z360, Subaru Leone Coupe (1st generation GL or GSR) or other 4-seater coupes/sports sedans you can think of around the same value, Japanese or otherwise.

I'm also a sucker for 1964-1966 Studebaker Cruisers (especially Wagonaires)...owned one for many years, starting to get all teary eyed and nostalgic these days. But that's off the topic.

Otherwise, I'm just happy to ogle everyone else's magnificent cars. Thanks for having me onboard!