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Thread: S13 Suspension in MX62

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    S13 Suspension in MX62

    I was looking into doing S13 suspension in my Cressida Wagon. But more I looked into it i was wondering if it is worth it. I am all for the full adjustable coiling over with dampining and camber adjustment. But for the brake size it is only 250mm, is that any bigger then the stock mx62

    The S14 brakes are larger but then I have a 5 Lug up front and 4 lug still in the rear.

    Anyguys on this forum that has done the same thing to the Cressida, or AE86

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    I used SerialNine adapters to put S13 Stance GR+Pro's on the front of my X63. ... php?t=6412

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    meh, there's plenty of options for the stock setup. I dont really see the need for swapping any s13 crap up there. Nothing is really "bolt on" like with the s13 setup, but there's still plenty of options if you weld or know somebody who can

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