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Thread: Starions taking over: 1987 Chrysler Conquest

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    Starions taking over: 1987 Chrysler Conquest

    It may be badged as a Chrysler, but it is a Mitsubishi to the core. I've owned this car since 2005, buying it as a $500 heap that needs an engine rebuild, wheels straightened, and unbeknown to me, a whole lot of minor details!

    This car served me as my daily driver for three years before being retired as my play toy. At 201,000 miles, it has been well worn, but everything except the rear differential and transmission has been rebuilt or replaced during my ownership. Needless to say, the car is very solid.

    Sadly, due to me tinkerer nature, it is very not stock. I at least chose the most common iteration of the Starion as the red 1987 Conquest had the highest sales volume for the car's history.

    Starting with this:

    I've come up with this to date:

    This year I managed to get involved with autocross again and have been enjoying the heck out of putting the car in the top 25% on all season tires.

    So far I've done the following:

    *Engine rebuilt with 8:1 Wiseco pistons. Bored .020" and lightly decked over to freshen the block.
    *Non-jet valve cylinder head
    *14G-TD05 turbocharger
    *Mitsubishi Evo intercooler
    *1G MAS
    *15lb flywheel and 4 puck clutch
    *Aluminum radiator
    *Accusump 3 quart oil accumulator
    *Ford F150 engine oil cooler
    *2.5" stainless steel exhaust, Magnaflow muffler
    *Polyurethane suspension bushings
    *Braided brake lines
    *Rear ABS delete
    *KYB GR2 struts
    *Rebuilt steering box
    *All new wheel bearings
    *Battery relocation
    *Black cloth 1988 seats
    *Lots of minor tweaks not worth mentioning

    Duplicolor fabric paint works amazingly well!

    The relocated battery made room for a little engine insurance.

    Back when it was a daily driver.

    After being retired to play thing.

    One of the first autocrosses I did in the car. Very loose!

    Don't mind the fast lube sticker. That was a short lived experience.

    A parting shot. Likely the cleanest the car ever looked. It has seen some dings and dents since then, but after addressing the horsepower and handling department, I intend to come back to the body for some refreshment.

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    Nice to see someone playing with a Starquest the way it should be played with

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    As the former owner of a Red '87 Conquest..... I approve! Looks like you certainly enjoy it!

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