Hot on the tails of Ulrich, I'm yet another owner from the central Kansas area. I've owned a red 1987 Chrysler Conquest since 2005. Running on my third engine now and slowly rebuilding the entire running gear of the car, it has only proved year to year and is now running strong at a stout 201,000 miles.

I'm a natural tinkerer and hold a degree in engineering so it goes without saying that I can lot leave a car stock. The good news is that I have the most common iteration of the Starion ever created. The car also started as a $500 mess so trade in value was never a blip on the radar.

I've been a member of the StarQuest Club since I bought my car and look forward to many many years of being involved with the clubs and owning a classic piece of Mitsubishi history. The goal of my project has been to show the local autocross and rallycross world that a 20+ year old car has still got some style and performance.