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Thread: Stereo Shut off

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    Stereo Shut off

    Ive read about this online but I currently am have that problem in my TE72. When ever I step on the brakes my deck shuts off. Could it be the alternator or maybe the ground is having a bad contact? Checked all fuses, looks good.

    Ive noticed also driving during the day, when ever brakes are applied the front corner light lights up so does the gauge cluster.

    Sucks daily driving without tunes.

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    had a similar problem with the frunt light lighting when presing on the brakes up in my car.... i checked everything from fuses to relays till i decided to check the bulbs. turns out the dual filament bulb had shorted out inside, the low beam (driving lights) had melted ad welded itself to the high beam (brake light).. you might want to clean out and check your bulbs and sockets for shorts....

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    That sounds promising. I did change my brake lights for some cheapo LED style ones a while ago. Could be the problem why my brake lights don't work at night also... :tu:

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