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Thread: Hello from Mobile, AL, rb25 280z

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    Hello from Mobile, AL, rb25 280z

    Joined here a little while back but maybe I missed this forum?

    My name is Jon and I have a 78 280z with an rb25det making ~650rwhp. It is 100% street car and runs the 1/4 @ 9.6 @ 144mph with an untouched longblock. I also have a 73 240z and a 1600 roadster, as well as a few other projects.
    I run a shop here in Mobile that specializes in Z's.
    I don't post much but love looking around the site at all the off the wall cars!

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    cool I'd like to see some pics of that beast 280z of yours.

    I've been searching for datsun roadsters as a project. One of these days hopefully I'll get one.

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    neat! so your the one that owns that z! ive seen a glimpse of ur car and i must say i love it!

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