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Thread: There goes the Neighborhood

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    There goes the Neighborhood

    Hey everybody !!!! My name is Paul. I'm from the SF Bay Area and I own a very energetic 1986 Corolla GT-S. It likes to go out for drifts and lay on its back so i can scratch its belly. Not too nostalgic, but its getting there. I've owned it for about 7 years and NO i didn't buy it to deliver tofu. I've probably met some of you at meets or MJS(R.I.P.) in the past. Sorry no pictures of my car because im lame and haven't figured out how to post pix on forums yet. Am currently looking to pick up a TE27 so if anyone has one for sale feel free to pm me.

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    There's a detailed instruction manual in the FAQ in General Discussion for posting pics. Welcome to JNC, fellow 86 owner.

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