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Thread: RX-7 Savanna Gen 1 (FB) body tag question

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    RX-7 Savanna Gen 1 (FB) body tag question

    hey there folks,

    my buddy here in Japan is trying to restore his Gen 1 RX-7 Savanna (it's an FB, and i think it was actually FB3S, but not 100% sure on that). anyway the guy he's getting to build the engine needs to see a photo of a body tag (the one in the engine compartment).

    do any of you guys that have an FB mind sending me a picture i can pass on to him? of course, if there's any VIN info or sensitive info on it, feel free to blur that out, or i can do it before i pass it on.

    thanks for your time guys!


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    I might have one off a junkyard car. I'll check when I get home for you.

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