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Thread: Hello from Australia.

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    Hello from Australia.

    Hello everyone.
    Im Danny.
    born and raised in Adelaide Australia.
    been into the older jap cars for as long as i can remember.
    my first 2 cars were australian built r31 skylines.
    nothin special about them really rb30e with a live axle rear end.
    the second on i had was running an rb30et engine with coil overs, a minispooled diff and a bunch of other suspension mods.

    then i bought an s12 as a daily driver which promptly decided it didnt like me and blew the poor ca20e up haha.

    so i eventually sold both of them and bought my hr31 gtsx.
    factory rb20det redtop eccs
    was fairly standard just had some watanabe wheels lowered front springs and a cat back exhaust.
    ive since spent a fair bit on it with much more to come.

    been lurking around this forum for a while but finally just decided to stop be lazy and join up.
    haha so here i am.

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    Welcome to JNC! Make yourself at home

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