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Thread: Greetings from Australia

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    Greetings from Australia

    Hi All..

    I only stumbled across this site a few days ago. Great seeing like minded people enjoying the old school classics.

    Im pretty much a Mitsubishi Scorpion, Sapporo, Lambda, Challenger kind of guy. Check out my rides in the Mitsubishi Garage

    I am also in the look out for a sunroof skin factory fitted to above Mitsubishi. I have confirmation MMC Japan no longer stock items for older vehicles.

    Anyone else here down under?

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    Villeneuve, Qld, Australia
    hey mate,

    welcome aboard, sweet Mitsubishi's in the shed present and past!

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    Welcome to JNC. We got heaps of members from Oz. Mostly in the Mazda Garage (just kidding! ) Look around, you'll find them soon enough. Even two of our moderators are Aussie.

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    howdy mate.
    where bouts in aus are you from?
    im currently living in adelaide.
    but have spent a few months in both cairns and darwin recently haha.
    so never know where i could end up next :P

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