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Thread: Greetings from Canada -- Honda racer

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    Greetings from Canada -- Honda racer

    Hello all. Wanted to introduce myself and, more importantly, my car. I am a Canadian Ontario-region Solo2 competitor and I race a Canadian-spec carbed (with no emissions equipment from the factory!) 1987 Honda CRX 1500. It's basically stock but is sporting 13" VW Tarantula alloys wearing 205/60-13 Hankook RSR Z211s . It has no external mods (other than the paint) but has Jackson Racing torsion bars, springs and front strut-tower bar, Ground Effect sway bars at both ends and Illuminas all around. I am hoping to source a set of early sealed-beam headlight units and at some point will be changing the body to a Mugen CRX-Pro body from Houseman Auto Sport (he is a fellow member of the local motorsports club). Rules and funds permitting, it may also add a pair of 38mm Weber carbs.

    This is not the first "nostalgic Japanese" iron I have raced, either. A couple of years ago I briefly campaigned a 1982 280ZX Turbo with a lot of mods (bored to 3.1 liters, decked, zero-overlap Schneider cam, 3" exhaust front-to-back). After snapping the front subframe where it ties in to the left-side tension rod I sold the car to a friend. Originally painted Chromalusion Purple-Green by the previous owner, the colour had faded leaving only the purple hue. Fearing mockery at the track I repainted it flat black. I also gave the new owner of the 280 the address to this forum -- he also has a 1988 Supra and is a fan of these kinds of cars in general.

    Racing season starts soon, so as soon as I replace the leaking left-rear shock I'll be back to pulling lateral Gs. At some point in the near future I will be buying something else Japanese, I have decided. Gotta be before 1987, gotta be "interesting"

    So that's me. Hello!

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    A pictures worth a 1000 words :wink:

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