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Thread: Alex's '74 TA22, Australia

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    Alex's '74 TA22, Australia

    Howdy all,

    My name is Alex

    I'm 28, and from Sydney, Australia.

    Decided to join this site, as I now own a Toyota again, and well, it's mostly AE86...

    Story is that I have a couple of friends at some stage, we've all owned some old school Toyotas. About four or five years ago, one of my friends purchased her TA22 Celica after falling in love with my other mate's TA22. Difference was, that hers was a little rough around the edges, but still worthy of some loving. So over all these years, this car has had rust cut out of it, and plated up, resprayed, interior restored, and a whole swag of modifications done to it. When she started restoring it, I noticed the amount of time, money and coin that was invested into it, and I uttered the words "if you ever wanting to sell this thing, call me!" She said "NEVER!!"

    Fast forward to Christmas 2008. We were having dinner together, and she mentioned If I remembered that time I offered to buy her car...... Well. It was an offer too good to resist.

    There isn't much left to do on her. I plan on upping the compression on her to get some more killerwasps from the motor (with some lumpy cams), gilmer drive?, little bits of trimming in the interior, tidying up the exterior, and a new set of wheels.

    So far, the mods off the top of my head are as follows:
    • 4AGE Bigport with Headwork, adjustable cam wheels[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • 7 rib block[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • Scorcher Custom Dizzy[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • Twin Dell'Orto Carburettors[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • T50 JDM Sprinter 5 Speed Gearbox[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • Custom Tailshaft[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • JDM AE86 diff (no discs however ) with TRD 2way Sprinter Limited Slip Differential[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • New Mini British Racing Green Metallic[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • Noltec Catalogue thrown at it including adjustable strut tops, strut brace and swaybars front and now rear[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • 17" Wheels (soon to be changed)[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • NOS Badges (not complete however)[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • NOS Bumpers[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • NOS Rubbers[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • RA28 Self Retracting Seatbelts[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]
    • And a shedload more...[/*:m:2kjkn3fo]

    So here she is lads. Some pics I've managed to collate so far of the build. I'll add more pics as I find them or take them.

    Pretty much how it started out. Some whitewalls, and a bit of a tidy up.

    Some paint, and a better powerhouse than the 2T

    New Radiator Installed, with new outlets for neater radiator hoses

    Would love a set of period wheels for this thing... with some stretched rubber



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    Mate... welcome aboard! Very nice Celica you have there- the colour come sup a treat....
    A 320 ute, 2 roadsters, 2 1200's ...... & a Prince.

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    I notice that there are indeed a few Aussies around these parts! Good to see!

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    I concur with the period wheels. 14" are the perfect size for Celicas. Very clean! Welcome to JNC :tu:

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    nah 15's are perfect

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    I'm not sure about the wheels yet, but man that thing looks tidy. Ace colour, too. :tu:

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    very nice celica, look very clean inside out

    voted for period size 15 rims :tu:

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    Love your work Alex.

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    For some reason, in this one pic the wheels look much better... :P

    I so wish we could get those cool low profile red-stripe and white-stripe tires that you guys can get... :x

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