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Thread: transmission question...

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    transmission question...

    anyone know wat this part is called? my dad broked it while trying to take out the throwout bearing and replace it with the new one... i'm in need of this part and can't seem to find anything.. u can see the broken part on one side of the piece..

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    Commonly referred to as a throwout bearing "collar". Not sure I've ever seen them new though. Usually a JY/ebay piece.


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    U can get this at autozone. I just checked awhile ago. I have a hairline crack on that collar sleeve. I think it's about $40. special order though. I decided to just weld mine.
    to take that bearing off you need a 1 1/4" socket and drive it thru.

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    thanks for the info guys... i guess i'll have to special order mine since AK ain't got nothing... been here for 5 years and haven't seen any other TE's around.

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    For future reference, here's an easy way to get that throwout bearing off:

    - Find a buddy
    - Put a large socket big around the same diameter as the collar in the cradle of a jack.
    - Put the collar over the socket with the bearing facing down.
    - Hold a large pipe wrench over the collar so that the ends of the crescent are resting on the bearing. Hold the pipe in place with one hand.
    - Have your buddy hold a long ass 2x4 vertically, one end on the back of the wrench, the other against a door frame
    - With your free hand, jack the whole contraption up against the door frame and the bearing pops right off

    There's no stress on the tabs of the collar because you're not pushing against it.

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