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Thread: Hello from SoCal

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    Hello from SoCal

    Hey everyone! I've been lurking for a while here and figured it was time I post an introduction. I am from Temecula, CA and have always had a huge admiration for the classic Toyotas and Datsuns. I love working on and modifying cars myself. I have been looking hard for a first gen 71-74 Celica or MX32 Cressida.

    I currently drive a 1995 BMW 740iL, which I may be willing to trade for the right Celica or Cressida. After seeing a '71 Celica in person for the first time, I went to the Japanese Nostalgic Car Show last year and had an absolute blast. After that I pretty much made up my mind.

    So here I am! And here is a picture of the G ride

    farm4 (dot) (dot) com/3525/3832593935_9f205ac867_o.jpg

    I also do automotive photography and would love to shoot some local nostalgic cars!

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    Welcome to JNC. Your pic link is no worky.

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    Welcome. We require at least one post before you can post links and pics. Try it again now

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