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Thread: te51 77 corolla suspension

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    te51 77 corolla suspension

    I got a 77 corolla liftback and its still riding on the stock factory suspension. I want to lower it alittle and making it really stiff. I want to know where to get race style suspension or what type of othor cars I can use the suspension off of?

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    Check out, they have some good stuff there.
    Most likley you will have to piece together the components your self, check out sites with alot of ae86 info, there's soeme good writeups on how to build your own coilovers out there, there is even a series of videos on YouTube on how to make them. Now I am not entirely sure how many parts are interchangable between the ae86 and te51, but Im sure they are close enough that you can get a solid idea of what needs to be done.

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