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Thread: Josh's project Scorpion

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    Josh's project Scorpion

    Here's the other one

    One 1978 Chrysler Sigma-Scorpion. It was originally a 4G52 5-speed, but it's currently engineless while I save the money to rebuild the motor.
    The body's in really good shape, apart from a spot of rust in the drivers door and a dent in the roof (bloody bogan rello's damaging my shit ). Especially considering it sat under a tarp in an old lady's backyard from '89 to '06 then got used as a pseudo-rally car by my mate until I rescued it in '07.
    Current pics:


    I won't really be updating this one much until I get a job and can afford to spend money on it, but here it is anyway lol

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    Hood ornament FTW

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    Ladies and gentlemen (and those who are neither :P), we have progress!
    Given that the other one let go, I'm going to stick it in the shed and slowly knock off the bodywork and build it a turbo engine in preparation for getting off my P's in April next year.
    What brought this on was my recent acquisition of a low km 4G52 and auto trans from a GH Sigma, which cost me exactly nothing. That's right, zip, zero, zilch, nada, insert another term for free here :P

    The plan is to whack the 2L into this, register it and daily it while I build the other car. It needs a windscreen (free, there's a good one in the parts car), either the pinhole in the above pictures patched up or swap for the good door on the parts car, the wheels from the blue car, the dash fixing (free, as I'll just cut off all the warped bits and stick a dashmat on it) and some reassembly in the interior and it'll be right to go.
    It'll eventually get a pair of 40mm sidedrafts, a cam, extractors and an exhaust, but for now it's going to be stock.
    I'll update with some more pics on the weekend, I seem to have left my camera in Dad's Rodeo :lol:

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    Huh, I seem to remember this thread being longer...Meh.
    Anyways, now that the other car has bitten the dust for the last time, I'm going to focus on this one.

    First thing will be to get my wheels onto this (I have this thing where I can't see a car as being priority one unless I have my wheels on it, weird but meh) and get it somewhere I can work on it. Engine bay's full of dust, so I need to hose it out asap.

    To do list for rego:
    -put my wheels on
    -clean up flywheel
    -change throwout and spigot bearings
    -bolt 2L in
    -clean up the interior (wirings trashed and it's dirty as hell)
    -replace windscreen
    -bolt in struts+brakes from the blue car, with new shocks and cut Falcon springs (I know, I know...)
    -put lowered springs (proper ones :P) from the rear of the blue car in this one, along with new shocks

    After rego:
    -sidepipe :P
    -34ADM, Redline filter
    -cut Falcon springs, Commodore shocks (front), half bumpstops
    -trimmed Lovells lowered springs, TP Magna wagon shocks, half bumpstops
    -fender mirrors, OG Galant Lambda if possible, ebay if not
    -JDM Galant Lambda grille

    What I want to do:
    -Front coilovers (shortened GH struts, HSD sleeve kit, 8(?)kg springs, ST162 shocks)
    -shortened steering arms (by 18mm or so, extra lock )
    -6(?)kg rear springs, TP Magna wagon shocks
    -welded GH diff
    -36mm bike carbs
    -cam, I'm thinking of getting a custom grind made up to No.5 works specs
    -shaved 0.5mm+ported head

    Starting next weekend. Tafe all week this week. More photatoes then, I promise

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    Re: Josh's project Scorpion

    hi mate, interested in a clean front lower air dam panel for your 81?, $50, plus postage and it yours, let me know, cheers

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