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Thread: ra24 help..

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    ra24 help..

    hello JNC......... my friend has a 1976 ra24 celica...he would like to switch to the smiley bumpers....i tried to find info on this ..but very vage...on what needs to be modified?

    can some that has done it before or has knowledge on this...can help out?
    need specific details on how to...


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    The rear can share ones off the slant nose Celicas but the front is specific to the long nose(RA24 and RA29).

    I understand the rear mounting brackets can be diff depending on if it's a 70-72 Celica or a 73-74. But can be reworked to fit.

    You can take at look at the front smiley on my car. It's a long nose RA29 and the bumper is quite diff than the slant nose smiley.

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    wow...that is nice!!!! props......i always loved the hatchback celicas :tu:

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