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Thread: My MK2 Supra from years ago, the "Blue TuRD"

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    My MK2 Supra from years ago, the "Blue TuRD"

    Below are some pictures I dug up of my MK2 from years ago. I owned this one from 1999 to 2002. It was a daily driven and weekend drifted for all three years. This was my second MK2, the first was black and also an L-type. My love for the Mk2's started in 92 when I started working for a local Toyota shop and picked up a blown MK2. The car below, was sold to a friend. He blew it up just hours after he got it from me. After rebuilt the engine, a lady smashed into him and that was all she wrote. When he came to pick the car up from me, he arrived in my old black MK2 that I had sold his friend years before.

    Here are some "specs":
    Black wheels are Cressida spares painted black.

    Mesh wheels are Hayashi Racing 15x7, found on a parts car at the dealer I worked at. they where painted about 50 times so I sanded and painted to match car. Polished the super pitted and oxidized lips.

    Oversized ADDCO sway bars front and rear. Front actually hits the crank pulley when the car is on a lift.

    6MGE Motor

    TRD 5m/6m header Thermo rapped

    Spal Electric fans

    C's short shifter with damper removed. Makes the shifter height super short.

    KVR carbon pads and rotors all around

    85 rear hatch

    Sparco EVO 2 seat on custom fabbed rail kit

    MOMO Monte Carlo Steering wheel

    HKS exhaust with old smashed HKS muffler removed and replaced with HKS dragger.

    Toyota Celica shift knob and boot, pedal kit and dead pedal.

    Eibach Springs with many rings cut. Car was probably 6 to 7 inches lower than stock.

    Koni Adjustables all around

    Euro front air dam. I cant remember what the brand is, but I still had it and the mounting instructions. Sold it on the bay a few years ago. Got it from CYBERSPACE Automotive, they are still around and still carry random supra/celica/corolla parts.

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    That's pretty nice for a "turd"!

    Love the 80s blue interior. :tu:

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    Love that 80's front lip.

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    Re: My MK2 Supra from years ago, the "Blue TuRD"

    :tu: :tu: :tu: nice celica supra!!!!

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    Re: My MK2 Supra from years ago, the "Blue TuRD"

    what a beautiful car :tu: soooo love those!!! i think with your paint colour -black wheels make it look REALLY mean 8)


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