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Thread: Your Favorite Toyota Sports Cars?

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    Your Favorite Toyota Sports Cars?

    Well, I have to say my favorites are :

    MR2 (all three gen's)

    Supra (mk4)

    Some pics:

    My old '93 T

    A Nice Supra

    Probably my favorite supra ever. This supra sold on ebay for about 40k. Had 800 something RWHP! You gotta love the amount of power those 2jzgte's can make and still be reliable!

    I'll keep the old school celicas outta here since this is OT but you know I love them too!

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    ^^ Umm... Thats a skyline no?

    EDIT: There you go! lol

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    Celica XX. It's good enough for me. This one belongs to a member of the Celica XX Club in Japan who is nice enough to share his adventures with members of CelicaSupra.com. I love his rims, the overall clean look of his car, and the fact that he's swapped in a 1G-GTE.

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    I like them all so I didn't vote. I don't care for the 4th gen celicas, the first or third gen supras, or the boxy-looking mr2's. All the rest I LOVE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by slowmo
    I like them all so I didn't vote. I don't care for the 4th gen celicas, the first or third gen supras, or the boxy-looking mr2's. All the rest I LOVE!
    Makes me wish I had added a poll option for "all" lol I like all of them too. But hey, Gotta show respect for the boxy Mr2's!

    This one is a mk1.5 In other words a mk1 with a mk2 turbo engine 3sgte power baby!

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    Best: MR2. Gen 1 supercharged

    Coolest: 2000GT

    The one I'll probably buy soon: First gen. Celica...

    The one I'll vote for: Sport 800 :mrgreen:

    Bonus points to the last generation Celica for being so damn cool looking... Not much enamored with Supras outside of the last generation, though the boxy 80s ones are ugly enough to be appealing...

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    1st gen and all-trac/gt4 celicas
    mk 1 mr2's
    mk 2-4 supra

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    have to be celica


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    I have to vote for the MR2.

    My brother has 2 Gen II MR2's. Both turbos and really nice. He has a black one that is his summertime daily driver. It's all stock.

    He also has a teal one that he is planning some engine, exhaust, and suspension work. He had a tasteful body kit installed and had it painted awhile back. He recently bought a house so the car is on hold, but he's got some big plans for it down the road.

    Here it is after it came back from the body shop.

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