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Thread: Sump Guard Paint Question

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    Sump Guard Paint Question

    Quick question. Does it make sense to paint an oil sump guard? I'm fixing up my car and have it stripped so I've been cleaning and painting parts. What I was wondering was if I should paint it or coat it in a black, spray on undercoat material. Would a paint coat really last under daily driving? I was thinking it might probably chip off quickly.


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    That looks like how mine was

    First I wire brushed off the rust, and then removed any remaining surface rust with POR15 Metal Ready. Then I painted it in POR15 antirust coating:

    And then just some VHT satin black.

    It was a couple of years ago, and it's stood up well so far, nothing's chipped off and it's still not rusty.
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    Ah OK, good to know. Will just do an anti rust treatment and spray it then. That'll be the project for this weekend.

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    I just want to add if using POR products and BRUSHING IT you will be fine.
    IF SPRAYING IT ....use a proper respirator.

    I had a really bad run in with this stuff. My respirator broke (UV degradation and a slight bump knocked off a respirator pod) and I had already mixed the paint and the thinners and poured it into the gun before noticing.

    I quickly grabbed a P2 mask thinking i'd be ok. How wrong i was! I experienced breathing difficulty, rapid heart rate and felt very ill. Lots of mucus and coughing....i was really worried for my health for weeks afterward.

    This is not to ward anyone away from using POR which i think is a great product, but PLEASE take the necessary precautions. I replaced my BOC mask with a Sundstrom.

    And as for using paint over POR15... you are supposed to either
    A. use a POR top coat over the base coat when tacky
    B. wait for base coat to dry and then use POR Tie Coat.

    Good to hear that the VHT has stuck to the POR.

    Sets rock hard like powedercoating...which i would be more inclined to do on a removeable part like a stone tray/splash guard.

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