I've installed two different 2 1/16" tachometers in my Subaru 360 van.....

1) Cheap Harbor Freight tach that did not work so good:


2) Expensive Autometer tach that works super:


Moral of this story? ....you get what you pay for.

Except!, the Great Pacific North West Mini-Microcar show this June.

June 11-13 Forest Grove OR
6th Annual Great Pacific NW Microcar Minicar Extravaganza
The 6th Annual Great Pacific Northwest Microcar/Minicar Extravaganza
A celebration of minimalistic motoring.
June 11 - 13, 2010
Microcars - Microbrews - Vineyard Tour Drive
Free admission with Online Registration
more info HERE

Cheap-cheap-cheap as dirt, free! ....and worth every penny!

(or your money back)