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Thread: My S2 626.

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    My S2 626.

    I just scored me a camera, so I thought I'd chuck up a coupla pics of my 626 I scored a couple of weeks ago through the local classifieds.

    The previous owner had a S1 frontend bolted up. I just had to drill some extra holes for the light adjustment screws so the lights would bolt up, and as you can see it didnt come out too bad. Theres still a few little knick knacks to find like gutter chrome, chome trim above the tail lights, and an aerial. But these things will be my plan of attack after the motor transplant. I'm dropping in a 13b engine package over the next couple of weeks, which wont be too much hassle as I can bolt the 13b upto the 626 gearbox simply with the aid of the RX bellhousing.

    I also have planned to find an appropriate LSD drop in the rear end. Word has it the S1 and 2 rx7 diff heads fit and are similar dimensions. I may go down this route if this is true.

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    Nice car, and very fast too. I had a 79 coupe and an 82 coupe... both very awesome cars.

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    This is the first one I've seen with a killer stance. Awesome car.

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