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Thread: Subaru and Honda nostalgics in painted wallpapers by Bow

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    Subaru and Honda nostalgics in painted wallpapers by Bow

    It's pouring rain out there, so I'm taking a night off from the tourist thing. I was poking around the Japanese Subaru website and found a page full of painted wallpapers by someone called Bow-san. There are 19 of them, and they cover models from the 1960s to today. Be sure to click on "My Subaru Collection" on the right for a couple more in the flesh. ... index.html

    Looking around the Honda website turned up this page:

    It's more wallpapers painted by Bow, but this time it's Hondas. Lots of good stuff in there, available in 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200.

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    8) Nice find. :tu:

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    Nice. I think the Honda ones have been posted before but it's a good refresher. I'll throw them up on the blog for newcomers. :tu:

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    Speaking of Subaru's...

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    Subaru XT is now my background :tu:

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