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Thread: Looking to hot up my 1988 Starion 4g63

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    Re: Looking to hot up my 1988 Starion 4g63

    Quote Originally Posted by JNC99
    Hey all,

    I am wanting to do something to get some more power out of my (recently acquired) '88 Starion which has the 2.0l SOHC 4G63 with a 5-spd box in it standard.

    I have been reading through the forum and came across the spectacular modifications done by attack vector on his conquest by changing it to a DOHC 2.4l 4G64. As impressed as I am, I don't really want to put a non-standard motor in the car, or do anything that couldn't be reversed reasonably easily.

    So, what I am hoping to do is to do some sort of modifications to get the power output as high as possible, without having to compromise on
    losing any driveability/refinement.

    The reason for not wanting to lose refinement is that I have once before had a go at modifying a car (turbocharged a 4AGE 1.6 20v Toyota Coupe) and while the result was powerful and good for a thrash, it wasn't that nice to drive. That car didn't accelerate smoothly (had power bands in various places and flat spots) which probably came down to poor tuning of the Link computer that went in to replace the factory one. But not keen to go that way again for those reasons.

    Anyone have any ideas on mods that could be done to a SOHC 4G63 Turbo motor to get more power? Without the refinement compromise?

    That my dear friend, would be the site that you need to join

    As for attackvector's car - keep in mind, us over here in the US never even got the 4G63 in the car, we had the G54B.

    Anyways, check out Austarion, they're a friendly bunch!

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    scappoose, or
    you can do plenty with a 4g63 sohc. like stormhammer said, jsut go reg on aus and read up, tons of sohc builds

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